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The power of exploration

Most people would agree that a starry sky is a beautiful sight. See how much more enjoyable star-gazing is with the power of a telescope. Rider’s Hobby Shop specializes in enthusiast-level telescopes, eyepieces and accessories. We’ve got telescopes and binoculars by top US manufacturer Celestron. We even have “smart” telescopes with go-to-star capability, so you don’t have to spend time trying to find something when you could be watching it instead.  Rider’s also stocks a range of binoculars which can be used for anything from bird watching to star gazing.

At the opposite end of the scale, microscopes give you a view into a miniature world of cells and micro structures.  We carry die-cast school grade microscopes for the serious future scientist, digital microscopes for easier viewing and entry level microscopes for the younger set. Rider’s also carries both prepared slides and supplies for making your own specimens and slides.

At Rider’s Hobby Shop, we’ve got all sorts of science and educational products to entertain, educate, or simply display. When you come into Rider’s you’ll find books, dinosaurs (not live ones), specific project kits, such as mousetrap cars, rock polishers, metal detectors, model rockets, and much more!  We also carry a full line of Pine Car kits and accessories for scout and church groups.


Our Grand Rapids location also carries a small electronics section for Arduinos and “Build your own robot” kits. This section includes many accessories for use with Arduino and other micro controllers.

Rider’s carries a wide range of products from many dozens of manufacturers. See below for a partial list of the lines we stock or can order for you.

  • Celestron
  • Duncan
  • Dune Craft
  • Elenco
  • Insectlore
  • Magcraft
  • Magnet Source
  • NSI
  • Owi Kit Robotics
  • Perfect Parts Company
  • Tamiya
  • Tedco Toys
  • Thames and Kosmos
  • Thumler’s Tumbler
  • Toy Smith
  • Uncle Milton

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